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Building Teamwork in Your Marriage

Join us for our next Marriage CONNECT Study Group entitled Building Teamwork in Your Marriage.                                                     We meet on Zoom at 8pm on Tuesday nights starting 2/23.  Check your inbox or email for the Zoom link!

Your spouse is not your enemy! Learn to view your spouse as your teammate, and grow closer to your spouse through God's design for marriage. In six sessions couples will learn the importance of recognizing their differences, committing to mutual dependability, and learning to trust and to be trusted. Topics include:

  • The Basis of Teamwork
  • Equal, Yet Different
  • Following Christ's Example
  • Biblical Responsibilities
  • Biblical Responses
  • Making Teamwork Work

Learning to build teamwork in marriage establishes a foundation that can turn a struggling marriage into one that thrives! 

New~Marriage CONNECT Study Group

Join us ~ on Zoom, Tuesday nights 8-9pm beginning 11/17!                                                                                                                                          *CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP* for Growing Together in Christ and we will send you the Zoom link to join the meeting~
In marriage, the spiritual connection is as essential as the physical and emotional. Couples who share in each other's spiritual development have discovered a key ingredient of true intimacy. But how does a couple really grow together in faith? Is there more to it than going to church as a family or saying a prayer before dinner? This study takes you through 6 weeks of small-group discussions where you and your friends will learn about:
  • the power of prayer in marriage,
  • what it means to follow Christ together as a couple, and
  • having a spiritual influence on other families.
Growing Together in Christ will help you pursue God together as a couple.

Risen Christ Marriage Retreat

We are once again hosting an overnight Marriage Retreat! *Time away..time together. * 24 hours to focus on your relationship*  Kim & Tor Constantino will again facilitate the weekend. 
We will be together  From 6pm March 13 - 6pm March 14 at the Hilton Garden Inn on Rt 96 in Pittsford, NY. 
We'd love for you to join us! This year we will be viewing "The Art of Marriage" during our time together.                                                              Check out a video link here:
The cost is $100 per Couple and includes 2 meals, snacks 1-night's stay and all conference materials.

15 Great Stay-at-Home Dates


Date Nights are super important in keeping your marriage on track. Having the chance to get away for the evening and focus on each other can help spouses stay anchored together when work and family commitments have you feeling more like two ships passing in the night. But when the weather doesn't cooperate, or you can't book a babysitter don't let that stop you and your spouse from dating.  Instead, put the kids to bed, put the emails away and have Date Night ~ IN! 

Here are 15 Great Stay-at-Home Date ideas to get you started. 

  1. Play ‚ÄúWould You Rather?‚Ä̬†You will learn a lot about a person that you never knew when they are faced with a crazy question . . .Here's a link to get you started.
  2. Watch a sports game together (or record one on the DVR and watch it together later). Eat nachos and hot dogs and cheer for your favorite team. Make bets on who will win and choose a fun prize for the winner.
  3. Give each other massages. Use Google or You Tube to learn some proper techniques and get to relaxing!
  4. Have a karaoke night! Find songs with lyrics on You Tube and sing your heart out. This is funniest if you can find some heart-wrenching ballads to belt out.
  5. Forget Wine and Cheese . . . how about a Chocolate Tasting night? You can get all the info right here, along with a cute printable to make it happen.
  6. Have a Video Game night. Bust out the Wii, the PlayStation, the Xbox or the Switch and throw down a challenge. Seriously, your husband will think you’re the best wife ever!
  7. Have a romantic candle light dinner. It doesn’t matter if you are eating hot dogs and macaroni and cheese . . . anything eaten by candlelight is romantic.
  8.  Break out the board games. Make it interesting by adding a rule that the loser of each game has to do...
  9. Have a Fondue Night. Don’t have a fondue machine? No worries! You can melt chocolate or other dipping sauces in a slow cooker or even on your stove top! Check out this easy recipe for Rocky Road Fondue Dip dip.
  10. Write out the story of how you met (and fell in love). Better yet- video tape it! Your kids and future selves will be so grateful you did!
  11. A Year in Review. It’s always so fun to go back and remember all the things that have happened in the last year. Use THIS printable to easily record and remember all that has gone on in the last 12 months.
  12. Take a couples’ personality test and compare your results. Here’s one we recommend all couples learn about each other...
  13. Print THESE out and have a hilarious YouTube video-watching date night. There’s a Scavenger Hunt, a Try-Not-To-Laugh Challenge and a Vote for Your Favorite page. Pop some popcorn and get ready for some belly laughing!
  14. Have an INDOOR Snowball Fight. Baby, it’s cold outside! But you can still have an epic battle inside. Grab a couple nerf guns and make THESE  fun targets to play.
  15. Have a Snowy Night Party Sneak outside (if you have kids, make sure they are asleep) and build a snowman or have a snowball fight. Come back inside when it gets too cold, make hot cocoa and warm up under some big blankets . . .

Growing Together Spiritually

Growing Together Spiritually from Focus on the Family